Hot Dog! How to Help Your Pet Enjoy the Summer Safely

Texas summers are HOT! The sizzling sunshine and muggy humidity can be too miserable for your pet to poke a whisker outside before turning tail and heading back to their favorite spot on the air-conditioning vent. If your fur coat-wearing pal is not a fan of the Willis, Texas, summers, read our Stone Ridge Veterinary [...]

LVTs, a Legendary Veterinary Team Member: Meet Rhonda Poor, LVT

Licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs) are essential to a veterinary team, because they provide many vital pet care services, work alongside veterinarians, and educate pet owners. In honor of all the important tasks an LVT undertakes each day, we are introducing Rhonda Poor, LVT, to our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis community. Although she [...]