Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but by honoring their memory, you can still feel close to your beloved companion. Whether your pet is humanely euthanized or passes on their own, numerous memorialization options can help you cherish your furry friend. Keep in mind that you can remember your pet in any fashion you choose, and that you can take as much time as needed in the grieving process before moving on to memorialization. However, constructing a memorial for your pet will often help you manage your grief, and provide a connection with your four-legged friend’s memory. When choosing the best memorial for you and your family, consider the following six choices.

#1: Plant a memorial garden in your pet’s favorite spot

Did your pet have a favorite sunny spot for lounging in your backyard? Maybe they loved to dig right along the fence? If your furry pal preferred a certain location in your yard, plant a memorial garden there to honor their memory. Bright blooms, lush greenery, and a bench to sit on and reflect is the ideal spot for remembering your pet. You can also scatter their ashes on the garden if you chose cremation. Consider adding a birdbath or bird feeder in a memorial garden for your cat, to make the spot truly special for your feline friend. 

#2: Design a piece of jewelry from your pet’s ashes or fur

A piece of jewelry that contains your pet’s ashes or fur will keep your beloved companion always close by your side. Ashes can be mixed into a glass pendant, while fur can be tucked in a locket. If jewelry is not your style, beautiful glass paperweights and other decorative pieces can be created with your pet’s ashes, paw print, or nose print.

#3: Create a shadowbox of your pet’s belongings

A shadowbox is essentially a picture frame in which you can also place items, rather than only photographs. Depending your shadowbox size, you can arrange inside your pet’s collar and ID tags, their favorite toy, cherished pictures, a stuffed animal replica, a paw print mold, tuft of fur, and any other reminders of your pet.

#4: Personalize your pet’s urn or gravesite

If your pet was cremated, their ashes will be returned to you in a generic urn, but a customized urn is a wonderful way to memorialize your pet. Or, if you choose to bury your pet in a pet cemetery or at home, you can customize their gravestone. Urns and gravestones can be engraved with a meaningful phrase or favorite picture, or topped with a carved replica of your pet. You can choose from many options for the best way to remember your four-legged friend.

#5: Turn your pet into a work of art

While you’ll likely never forget your pet’s goofy grin, fluffy tail, or love shining in their eyes, you can capture their personality in an art form. A talented painter can create a beautiful wall hanging, or you can enlarge and frame your favorite picture. If you’re looking for a permanent memorialization, you can turn your pet’s face, paw print, or nose print into a tattoo. You can also purchase many products that boast a likeness to your pet, including stuffed animals and slippers, stickers and blankets, and everything in between.

#6: Donate to your local animal shelter in honor of your pet’s memory

Did you adopt your pet from a local animal shelter or rescue? If so, consider giving back to their original caretakers in their name. Animal shelters greatly appreciate donations, and your deceased pet’s belongings can help save the life of a homeless pet. Consider donating your pet’s leftover food, treats, leash, and toys to an animal shelter, or make a monetary donation in your furry pal’s name.

Deciding to let your pet go and end their suffering is incredibly difficult, but making special memories can help. If you’re still struggling with assessing your beloved pet’s quality of life, schedule an appointment with our Stone Ridge of Willis veterinarians.