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The High Cost of Pet Obesity

Chubby babies and pudgy pets are often adorable, but extra pounds can cause serious health issues, including decreased quality and length of life. Additional weight can increase your pet’s risk for a wide variety of medical conditions, including many that are lifelong, incurable, and costly to treat. Here are 10 of the most common health [...]

The Value of a Veterinary Assistant: Meet Paige Thornton

It takes a village—or in this case, a team—to provide dedicated, skilled nursing care to cats and dogs. With our well-rounded team of veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and receptionists, your furry pal receives nothing but the best here at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis. While you likely know a veterinarian’s main duties, you may [...]

Under the Tartar: The Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings for Pets

You know that you need to visit your dentist biannually, no matter how diligent you are with brushing and flossing at home. The same holds true for your pet. Cats and dogs require as much dental care as people to ensure their smile remains healthy and pain-free. When your four-legged friend undergoes a professional dental [...]

Get to Know Your Pet’s Veterinary Care Team: Meet Aubrey

When you take your pet to their veterinarian, you naturally want to know about the person who will be taking care of your four-legged friend. And, while you may be most familiar with your veterinarian, like Dr. Pettyjohn, knowing the rest of your pet’s veterinary care team can set your mind at ease. An integral [...]

Behind the Scenes: Meet Veterinary Technician Gabrielle Dives

Providing excellent care to the pets in the Willis community takes a village—a veterinary village, to be exact. The village members include veterinarians, client service representatives, kennel attendants, veterinary assistants, and veterinary technicians. These devoted team members are passionate about the pets and clients they serve, and we couldn’t care for so many without their [...]

Common Exotic Pet Ailments

Pets come in many varieties, and whether they slither, fly, crawl, or hop, they need regular veterinary care. Our team at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center - Willis recently welcomed Dr. Ben Bedore, who is able to treat several exotic pet species. In order to know when your exotic pet needs veterinary care, in addition [...]

Meet the Team: Spotlight on Kendra Casares

Often what separates good veterinary medicine from outstanding veterinary medicine is the regard for the pet owner. At Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, we value our clients as crucial members of their pet’s health care team, and we work hard to ensure you feel listened to, informed, and confident about your pet’s veterinary care. One [...]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for the Best Veterinary Visit Ever

Many pets battle fear, anxiety, and stress when visiting their veterinarian, whether for a routine wellness visit, a sick pet exam, or simply a monthly weigh-in. If your four-legged friend plants their paws at our front door, you can help prepare them for a veterinary visit and ease their anxiety. Try implementing the following five [...]

Meet the Team: Spotlight on Christy DuVall

Our dedicated team at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis doesn’t come to work every day to collect a paycheck. We are passionate animal lovers, and we enjoy helping pets and saving lives. Our veterinary technicians play an important role in ensuring pets and their owners get the care they need and deserve. From [...]

Considering an Exotic Pet? 7 Secrets for Successful Coexistence

Are you considering an exotic pet? Reptiles, birds, and small mammals are diverse and unique, which makes them exciting pets—but new owners are often unaware or unprepared for their highly specialized care needs. Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center wants to ensure an exotic pet is right at home in your home, so we offer seven [...]

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