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Meet the Team: Spotlight On Brenda Long

We may be a little biased, but we think we have an incredible team here at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis. Each member brings something special to our hospital, regardless of their educational or pet-related background. We’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our fabulous client care specialists, Brenda Long, who [...]

Behind the Smiling Faces: What Do Veterinary Receptionists Do?

When you walk into Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis, you’ll be greeted by the smiling faces of Brenda, Lacey, and Maggie, our dedicated front-desk team. These ladies are superstars at their tasks, and while they may remember your pet’s name more frequently than yours, they’re your go-to source for all your pet problems [...]

Ultrasound: What Pet Owners Want to Know

You may know about or have experienced ultrasound for yourself, but did you know that this advanced diagnostic technology is available for pets, too? Ultrasound has an important role in helping diagnose many diseases and conditions, and can provide valuable information to our Stone Ridge Veterinary Center team. Armed with the information ultrasound can provide, [...]

Drilling Down on Your Pet’s Dental Health

Many pet owners are skilled at recognizing when their furry pals are sick or not themselves, especially if they have obvious signs like vomiting or a fever. However, pets, especially cats, often mask signs of illness, and many show only subtle changes in the early disease stages. Dental disease is a common medical condition in [...]

Get to Know Dr. Stephanie Hutchinson, Marathon Runner and Rhinestone Applicator

When you visit us at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center at Willis, you are typically focused on your pet’s health, and not necessarily on getting to know our team. We consider you and your pet part of our extended family, and want you to get to know us. So, we sat down with one of [...]

Protect Your New Pet with Insurance

Food?  ✔️ Treats?  ✔️ A cozy bed?  ✔️ Tons of teething toys?  ✔️ Collar and leash?  ✔️ Pet insurance?   When you bring home a new puppy or kitten during the holiday season, you may have stocked up on all the essentials except one—pet insurance. Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance can protect your furry [...]

All About Mandy: Meet Stone Ridge Willis’ Practice Manager

Veterinary hospitals are difficult to keep on track, with management involving handling finances, employee schedules, inventory, and a million other aspects that go into caring for our community’s pets. Fortunately for Stone Ridge Willis and our Texas community, we have Mandy Spence keeping an eagle eye on our hospital’s day-to-day operations. Although Mandy may not [...]

7 Exciting Ways to Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Environment

While cats thrive on routine, they also need an enriching environment to battle boredom-induced stress as part of their overall wellness care. The same monotonous environment, day in and day out, can cause stress in cats, and lead to behavior problems or medical issues. Without appropriate activities that fulfill your cat’s needs, your home may [...]

Get to Know the Team: Highlighting Holly McNew

When you bring your pet to Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center at Willis, you may be coming for our veterinarians’ expertise, exotic pet knowledge, or advanced surgical and specialty skills, or our team’s kind and caring personalities. If your furry pal is dragging you into our hospital for their appointment, there’s a good chance your [...]

Veterinary Care Can Help Ensure a Lifetime of Wellness for Your Cat

Cats are highly skilled at hiding illness and disease, making veterinary exams critical to maintain their optimal health. Over the course of your cat’s life, their needs will change as they grow and develop, and become susceptible to certain illnesses as they age. But, routine preventive care can help protect your feline friend from a [...]

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