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10 Signs Your Cat Is Stressed

Stress is a common occurrence in our everyday life, because of pressure from work, family, and social obligations. Stress can also affect pets, with cats particularly sensitive to anxiety and stress. Changes in the environment, family structure, and daily schedule can trigger stress in cats, so new changes should always be instituted slowly and carefully [...]

The 5 W’s of Professional Dental Cleanings for Pets

Many pet owners have questions regarding their pet’s professional dental cleaning. Do you wonder if your pet’s professional dental cleanings are similar to your own? Or, is your pet’s procedure no more than an extensive toothbrushing? Our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis team clears up the confusion surrounding veterinary dental cleanings by answering [...]

Cold Weather Do’s and Don’ts for Pet Owners

Here in Willis, Texas, we don’t worry much about bitterly cold winters that dump snow and ice. However, pet owners still need to be aware of potential cold weather hazards that can harm their four-legged friends, and to know how to best protect pets should true winter conditions strike.  DO check the forecast before heading [...]

Meet the Team: Shardria, Veterinary Assistant

We know that when you bring your pet to Stone Ridge, you are entrusting us with a valued family member. Our skilled veterinary staff are much more than trained professionals—they are people who love animals so much they have made a career of it.  At Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis, our veterinary assistants [...]

Parasites Prevention Is a Year-Round Commitment for Pet Owners

Pet owners commonly misconstrue that parasites disappear when the temperatures drop. While fleas, ticks, and heartworms thrive in warmer climates, they also remain a threat when the weather gets cold. Your pet can pick up fleas or ticks throughout the year because these pests can survive inside your home when the outside temperature becomes too [...]

Meet the Team: Madison Myers, Client Care Specialist and Technician Assistant

The first and last person you see during your visit to Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis is a client care specialist. These essential team members handle a wide variety of tasks and are masters of multitasking. At any time, you can find our client care specialists answering the phones, discussing appointment scheduling, explaining [...]

Team Spotlight: Meet Leslie Turner, Technician Assistant

Without each dedicated member of our team, we wouldn’t be able to help as many pets as we do. Each team member brings something special to the table, whether it’s their ability to safely handle a scared cat and bring them comfort, or the skills to place an intravenous catheter in a dehydrated, pediatric patient. [...]

5 Tips to Successfully Introduce a New Pet to Your Current Pet

A houseful of pets can be wonderful, provided everyone gets along. However, the initial introduction phase can be tricky because you want to navigate this time without any scuffles that could create a long-lasting negative impression. Whether you are introducing a cat to a dog, or same-species pets, here are a few tips that will [...]

Hot Dog! How to Help Your Pet Enjoy the Summer Safely

Texas summers are HOT! The sizzling sunshine and muggy humidity can be too miserable for your pet to poke a whisker outside before turning tail and heading back to their favorite spot on the air-conditioning vent. If your fur coat-wearing pal is not a fan of the Willis, Texas, summers, read our Stone Ridge Veterinary [...]