Safe and Sound with Pet Microchipping

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These days, it’s rare to adopt a pet who hasn’t already been microchipped (as well as spayed or neutered). That’s because veterinary personnel and others in the animal caregiving professions understand the importance of this permanent form of identification. Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets enter the shelter system [...]

Year-Round Pet Heartworm Prevention: Is it Really Necessary?

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In our neck of the woods, we’re no stranger to bugs, but mosquitoes have a particularly bad reputation because they carry a disease that can be life-threatening to our pets. Heartworm disease can affect cats as well as dogs and is prevalent in all 50 states and Canada. The disease [...]

All About Veterinary Ultrasound

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When it comes to diagnosing and treating our patients, knowledge is power. If that knowledge can be gained quickly and non-invasively, even better. We have many diagnostic tools at hand, but one of the most valuable is veterinary ultrasound. Learn how the veterinarians at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center are [...]

Chew On This: Periodontal Disease in Pets

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Even though our pets don’t need to model their smiles for the camera, their teeth do matter. What starts as bad breath can quickly progress to periodontal disease, the single most commonly diagnosed condition in pets. So common, in fact, that by the time pets are 4 years of age, [...]

Good Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet: Our Recommendations

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When it comes to caring for pets, Bob Barker said it best –  “Have your pets spayed or neutered.” While the choice isn’t always black and white, at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, our recommendations echo that of Bob for the vast majority of our patients. Read on to learn [...]