The 5 W’s of Professional Dental Cleanings for Pets

Many pet owners have questions regarding their pet’s professional dental cleaning. Do you wonder if your pet’s professional dental cleanings are similar to your own? Or, is your pet’s procedure no more than an extensive toothbrushing? Our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis team clears up the confusion surrounding veterinary dental cleanings by answering [...]

Under the Tartar: The Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings for Pets

You know that you need to visit your dentist biannually, no matter how diligent you are with brushing and flossing at home. The same holds true for your pet. Cats and dogs require as much dental care as people to ensure their smile remains healthy and pain-free. When your four-legged friend undergoes a professional dental [...]

Drilling Down on Your Pet’s Dental Health

Many pet owners are skilled at recognizing when their furry pals are sick or not themselves, especially if they have obvious signs like vomiting or a fever. However, pets, especially cats, often mask signs of illness, and many show only subtle changes in the early disease stages. Dental disease is a common medical condition in [...]

The Importance of Regular Dental Care for Your Pet’s Health

Any person who has suffered from a toothache understands the importance of dental care for overall comfort and health. The same goes for your pet. Without proper oral hygiene, your furry friend can experience the agony of a toothache, and much worse. As most pets—up to 85%—have some form of dental disease by age 3, [...]

Chew On This: Periodontal Disease in Pets

Even though our pets don’t need to model their smiles for the camera, their teeth do matter. What starts as bad breath can quickly progress to periodontal disease, the single most commonly diagnosed condition in pets. So common, in fact, that by the time pets are 4 years of age, over 85% of them have [...]

Is Pet Dental Care Really Necessary?

At one time or another, everyone can relate to the sentiment, “I wish I would have known.” Having all the critical information beforehand can often reduce or eliminate an unfortunate outcome. When pet owners have all the right tools, they can make the best possible decisions for the health of their pet. This is definitely [...]

Open Wide: The Pet Dental Exam Decoded

As recently as a generation ago, dental care for pets would have sounded absurd. The thought of buying pet-specific toothpaste and brushing Fluffy or Fido’s teeth on a regular basis would have seemed absolutely ridiculous. Nowadays, we understand better than ever the importance of good dental care for pets. Dental disease (something most pets show [...]

Steer Clear of Tuna Breath: Dental Care for Cats

The veterinary world is learning more and more all the time that proper pet dental care is a vital component of keeping our animals happy and healthy. While cats and dogs are no different in this respect, it is important to note that our feline friends have some important dental needs all their own. Understanding [...]

The Gold Standard: Achieving the Best in Pet Dental Care

We attend to our own dental care because we know a healthy mouth is a major tenet of good health and hygiene. Similarly, pet dental care shouldn’t be undervalued or overlooked. Beyond looking and smelling better, your pet’s overall health and longevity are linked to proper dental care. Prevention is our philosophy, and your pet [...]