10 Signs Your Cat Is Stressed

Stress is a common occurrence in our everyday life, because of pressure from work, family, and social obligations. Stress can also affect pets, with cats particularly sensitive to anxiety and stress. Changes in the environment, family structure, and daily schedule can trigger stress in cats, so new changes should always be instituted slowly and carefully [...]

7 Tips to Help Kids and Pets Live Happily Together

Adding a new pet to your household is an exciting time. Ideally, you choose the perfect fluffy addition, bring her home, and she completes your family. But, the reality is that teaching your new pet and kids to live together peacefully may take some work. A new puppy who is learning to navigate the world [...]

Acting Up? It Could Be Pet Separation Anxiety

Autumn is an exciting time for everyone. For many, there’s so much going on – especially with the school year beginning – that whatever was gained in the relaxation department quickly falls to the wayside. However, increased family stress isn’t the only thing a household pet must contend with, come October. In fact, marked decreases [...]