Part of enjoying a happy holiday season for your family is being sure that everyone is safe and healthy. It can be easy to forget our pets, especially the felines, when preparing for the festivities, but it is important to keep them in mind as we celebrate. Being aware of holiday cat safety can make the season more enjoyable for all!

Cat Safety and Holiday Decorating

During this time of year our houses are often littered with items that aren’t there the rest of the year. Many of these items can be safety hazards for curious pets. When decorating this holiday season, don’t forget:

Christmas tree hazards – The tree is often the center of celebration in many households. Be sure to secure your tree to a wall so that it cannot fall over on your climb-savvy cat. Don’t allow cats to drink from the treestand of a live tree. Clean fallen pine needles cleaned up so your cat cannot swallow them.

Decoration cat dangers – String-like garlands such as tinsel and strands of popcorn make flashy play-things and tempting treats that can block your cat’s digestive tract. It is best to find alternatives for these decorations. Glass bulbs and ornaments can also make fragile toys that are especially dangerous if ingested. Take care to secure electrical cords so cats cannot get wrapped up in them.  Also take care to steer pets clear of open candle flames or potpourri warmers. One wrong flick of a tail could lead to a holiday fire!

Holiday plant pet perils – Many of the plants we bring into our homes during the holiday season can be dangerous to pets if ingested. Some, like poinsettias, can cause local irritation and digestive upset. Others, such as lilies, holly, and mistletoe can be downright deadly.

Holiday Celebrations and Holiday Cat Safety

The holidays are a busy time filled with gatherings of family and friends. Your cats may be included in this tradition, like it or not, if you choose to have people in your home. This can be a stressful experience for many animals. There is also potential for exposure to dangers that would not otherwise be in the environment. During holiday celebrations be sure to:

  • Watch the doors carefully to prevent nervous or excited indoor-only cats from darting out.
  • Check that your cat’s collar and microchip are updated with your current contact information.
  • Provide your cat with a quiet retreat from the commotion in your home – you should make sure to keep his litter box far from guests.
  • Tell guests that they should not feed your cat no matter how much he has perfected his Puss-in-Boots-stare.
  • Make sure there is no chocolate, onions, garlic, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, grapes, raisins, or other potentially toxic food within reach of your favorite feline.
  • Lock your guests’ coats and belongings in a pet-free room. Gum, medications, and other items can be dangerous temptations that your guests may be carrying with them.

The holidays are a busy time, but not so much so that you have an excuse to put your pet’s safety on the backburner. Be sure that everyone’s holidays are merry and bright by thinking about your pets when celebrating. If you do have a pet emergency this season, be sure to contact our team as soon as possible.