At Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center (SRVMC), our team runs like a well-oiled machine, to ensure your pet receives the best of care, from diagnosis to treatment. Routine wellness visits, sick or injured cases, and surgical patients have special teams dedicated to providing optimal medical attention, based on each team member’s strengths, skills, and knowledge. Becky Allen, our lead veterinary technician, oversees, guides, and coaches our support team of veterinary technicians and assistants. Becky, a licensed veterinary technician (LVT), performs a wide range of duties related to patient care, as well as administrative tasks. Learn more about the integral role Becky plays in ensuring your pet receives top-notch care at every visit. 

Becky Allen: Veterinary technician extraordinaire

Throughout her day, Becky fulfills a great many patient-care tasks, in addition to her educating and training duties. You may find Becky in the following hospital areas, ensuring your pet receives the best of care:

  • Laboratory — At SRVMC, our advanced testing technology and equipment allows us to provide 95% of all testing in-house. We can have your sick pet’s test results in 15 minutes, so we can begin caring for her immediately. Becky ensures our veterinarians receive test results in this timely manner by drawing blood or evaluating a urine sample herself, or delegating sample-collection tasks to her team for speedy efficiency. She also keeps our testing equipment running smoothly with routine maintenance and quality control checks, and troubleshoots any issues.
  • Treatment area — Our treatment area is often the heart of our hospital—the area where we diagnose illness, injury, and disease; collaborate and receive guidance; create treatment plans; and provide most of our nursing care. As our lead vet tech, Becky is often found in this area, helping as needed, whether it’s getting a patient’s vitals, discussing signs of illness and injury with our team, changing a wound bandage, administering medication, and countless other patient-care tasks.
  • Radiology — With the aid of radiology services, such as digital X-ray and ultrasound, we can take a closer look at your pet’s internal health. These advanced services are performed and interpreted by specialists to ensure we catch each subtle sign of illness or disease. While taking multiple digital X-rays is simpler than taking X-rays manually, Becky is so skilled that she rarely has to repeat X-rays to get the views she needs.
  • Surgical suite — Before, during, and after surgery, you can relax, knowing your pet is in Becky’s good hands. Becky has received considerable training on administering and monitoring anesthesia, and assisting during surgery, if needed. Because she understands how anesthetic drugs work, and how they affect the patient, Becky can design a customized anesthetic protocol that will keep your furry pal safe and pain-free.
  • Hospital wards — Sick or injured pets need special nursing care to return to health, and Becky ensures each patient in our hospital wards receives the devotion and proper treatment necessary for a speedy recovery. At any time of day, you can find her evaluating a hospitalized pet’s pain, comfort, nausea, appetite, thirst, and elimination output, and administering medications on schedule.
  • Exam rooms — During your pet’s appointment, you may see Becky in the exam room with our veterinarians. She will help comfort and restrain your pet while our veterinarian performs a thorough physical exam and administers necessary vaccinations, and then will offer helpful tips on caring for your pet at home, on everything from toothbrushing to nail trims.

Our hospital—and every patient—is incredibly fortunate to have Becky, who is such a dedicated, skilled, and knowledgeable LVT, leading our support team.   

Becky Allen: The lady behind the license

Now that you know about Becky’s everyday responsibilities, let’s share how she came to join our SRVMC family.

Born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas, Becky pursued her passion of working with animals after discovering the veterinary technician career path through a program director at Lone Star College-Tomball. She received associate degrees in applied science and veterinary technology in 2011, and then earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries, with a focus on vertebrate zoology, in 2014 from Texas A&M University. With such a background, it’s no wonder that Becky is our go-to exotic vet tech. Becky enjoys working with most exotic species, and has a special love for birds, but her main passion in veterinary medicine is sharing her knowledge with pet owners, and training new assistants and technicians. By educating others, she ensures pets will receive the best of care, in our hospital, and at home.

Becky spends her downtime days enjoying outdoor activities with her husband and children. Her rescued Amazon parrot, however, prefers to sit on the couch and eat junk food. Other pets in her herd include two dogs, three cats, and another parrot, of the Quaker species. Like some of our patients, Becky is highly food-motivated, especially if sushi is involved. She’d like one day to specialize in animal nutrition, and vows to never stop learning and educating pet owners and team members in the meantime.

Whenever your pet needs experienced, skilled, loving care, rest assured she’s in good hands with our lead veterinary technician, Becky. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your furry friend’s wellness exam, and to meet Becky, if you don’t know her already.