Our dedicated team at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis doesn’t come to work every day to collect a paycheck. We are passionate animal lovers, and we enjoy helping pets and saving lives. Our veterinary technicians play an important role in ensuring pets and their owners get the care they need and deserve. From helping perform diagnostic tests, to triaging emergencies, to the arduous task of caring for puppies and kittens, our veterinary technicians work hard to provide the best care for your pets. Christy DuVall has been a veterinary technician since 1999, and has an impressive background in providing high quality care for numerous pets. 

Christy’s background

Christy is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. She wanted to work with cats all her life, but this became a priority when she received a cat for her 16th birthday. Billy became such a part of her life that she realized she was meant to work in the veterinary field. She became a veterinary technician in 1999, about four years after she was married.

Christy’s family life

Christy has been married to her husband, Jason, for more than 25 years, and they have a daughter named Taylor who lives in Haslet. Taylor and her husband, Ryan, recently announced they are expecting their first child, so Christy is going to be a grandmother! How exciting! Christy also has several fur babiestwo cats, Creed, who is 4 years old, and Stitch, who is 18 years old, and their canine siblings Durham, a 4-year-old Boston terrier, and Beltre, who is only a year old. Christy also has several freshwater fish tanks that she enjoys maintaining.

Christy’s time at Stone Ridge

Christy and Jason moved to the Houston area, and she came across Stone Ridge while searching for a job. We are thankful that she decided to settle here, and be a committed team member. She says her favorite part about being a veterinary technician is talking to the owners about their pets, and learning about the special relationship they have with their pets.

Christy’s interests

Inquiring minds wanted to know more about Christy, so we asked a few more delving questions.

  • What’s something about you that might surprise others? — I am an open book, so everyone knows things about me. I do like to cross stitch and needle felt, which some people may find odd.
  • What is your favorite food?  Japanese food
  • What is your favorite hobby? — Fishkeeping
  • Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean for a getaway trip? — Ocean
  • Would you rather pop open a Coke or Pepsi product? — Pepsi
  • If you won a weekend trip, would you rather spend the time camping or being pampered at a spa? — Camping
  • What are a few things on your bucket list, or something you would like to accomplish in the next five years? — I would like to get a travel trailer and travel. We would take our pets, and go hiking all over with our dogs.
  • Do you have any unexpected talents? — No talents here.

We adamantly disagree that Christy doesn’t have talentsshe is obviously being modest. She is an extremely talented veterinary technician, and honestly, how many people can say they can cross stitch and needle felt? She is clearly a lady of many talents, and we are extremely fortunate that she chose Stone Ridge when she moved to the area looking for a job. She has been a wonderful addition to our compassionate, dedicated team, and we value her contribution to ensure that every pet who walks through our door receives the care and attention they deserve. She is also wonderful at engaging with pet owners, and enjoys learning about the special relationships between the pets and their owners. The next time you bring your pet in for veterinary care, Christy will treat them with the same care and compassion she would provide for Creed, Stitch, Durham, or Beltre.

Christy, and the rest of our team at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis, always endeavor to make your world a little brighter than when you walked in the door. Contact us if your pet needs veterinary care.