Often what separates good veterinary medicine from outstanding veterinary medicine is the regard for the pet owner. At Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, we value our clients as crucial members of their pet’s health care team, and we work hard to ensure you feel listened to, informed, and confident about your pet’s veterinary care. One team member in particular does an exceptional job balancing every interaction about patient and client care, and that’s this month’s spotlight team member, Kendra.

Kendra can effortlessly put both pet and owner at ease with her warm disposition and natural affinity for pets. If Kendra has cared for your pet, you’ve likely learned a thing or two. Kendra loves sharing her knowledge with clients, to help them better care for their pet—whether they need assistance with basic husbandry, training and behavior, or giving medication. 

Kendra’s curiosity about veterinary medicine and her willingness to learn new things make her a versatile and capable veterinary technician, from the examination room, to the surgical suite, and beyond. No matter where she’s working, Kendra always keeps the pet-owner bond close to her heart, which helps her instinctively care for your pet like her own.

Get to know Kendra, our generous and caring veterinary technician.

Question: What is your full name and designations?

Answer: Kendra Michelle Casares, veterinary technician.

Q: Where are you originally from?

A: Conroe, Texas

Q: How and when did you decide that you wanted to be a veterinary technician?

A: I have wanted to work with animals for as long as I can remember.

Q: How did you land at Stone Ridge?

A: I was looking for a clinic where I could shadow, and after two weeks of shadowing, I was offered a job.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a veterinary technician?

A: I can form relationships with our clients, and I try my best to help them. I enjoy learning something new about the veterinary field on a daily basis.

Q: What about your pets?

A: I have two pets—Nala, a 9-year-old, cream-colored pomeranian, and Sadie, a 7-year-old reverse brindle English bulldog.

Q: What about your human family members?

A: I am the proud mom to a little boy who recently turned 2. I have three siblings—two sisters, who are twins, on my dad’s side, and one younger sister, on my mom’s side. My dad’s side lives in Cleveland, and my mom’s side lives in Conroe.

Q: What’s something about you that might surprise others?

A: I prefer to stay in than go out, and would rather be at home with my son and my dogs than run around town. I feel like people probably don’t picture me as a homebody.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: My favorite food is chicken alfredo.

Q: Favorite hobby?

A: My favorite hobby is going to watch dirt track races.

Q: Mountains or ocean?

A: Mountains

Q: Coke or Pepsi products?

A: Coke products

Q: Spa weekend or camping weekend?

A: I would prefer to go camping with my son.

Q: What are a few things that are on your bucket list, or something you’d like to accomplish in the next five years?

A: I want to take my son on a trip to see the world.

Q: Any unexpected talents?

A: I have discovered that I’m great at providing client care and communication. I always thought I would be a shy person, but since I began working here, I feel like it’s become my strongest asset.

While some people may look at a patient and see only a sick pet, veterinary technicians like Kendra can see the whole picture—a sick pet, a concerned owner, and the unbreakable bond between them. This perspective is not only the mere appreciation for a human-animal connection, but also fosters more compassionate pet and client care. Every day, veterinary technicians like Kendra go the extra mile in a thousand little ways, including:

  • Greeting you and your pet by name
  • Spending time getting to know your pet’s likes and dislikes
  • Providing pet status updates—and photos— during hospitalization
  • Calling to check on a pet after discharge
  • Providing helpful at-home instructions and demonstrations, to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to help your pet recover at home
  • Ensuring all your questions are answered by the veterinarian
  • Helping you to and from your car with your pet

We understand that entrusting your beloved pet’s care to someone else can be concerning. At Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital, we deliver advanced medicine with a personalized approach that acknowledges your pet’s unique needs. Thanks to generous team members like Kendra, pets—and their owners—receive a more comfortable, reassuring, and positive veterinary experience. Contact us to schedule your pet’s next appointment, and to thank Kendra for her commitment and dedication.