Allergies and Itching

Skin disorders and allergies are exceedingly common in pets. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons owners bring their pets to veterinarians. If your pet’s itching, biting, or licking is bothersome, you are not alone!

Our Expertise

Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center has a special interest in dermatology and has had excellent results in treating allergic animals. Typically, the challenge with allergies and skin disorders is identifying the source of the irritant. Common allergies and irritants include dust, grasses, trees, pollen, mold, dander, mites, fleas, yeast, and even foods.

Our Approach

We start with talking to you and gathering information and a detailed history. Information you relay about symptoms and patterns you’ve observed provide important clues. We will examine the patient for physical indicators and confirm diagnosis with allergy tests.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing may consist of blood tests, skin samples, or both. Blood tests reveal a great deal of information, helping to identify specific allergens such as environmental agents. Skin samples can confirm specific conditions. Skin and ear cytology identifies bacteria and yeast issues, while skin scrapings check for mites.

Tests help us to determine what treatment plan and medication is appropriate for our patient. You can feel confident that we will work with you and your pet to find the best solution. Our mutual goal is the comfort and health of your cat or dog.
ACTT Allergy Testing

Food Allergies

If a food allergy is suspected, a hypoallergenic diet may be recommended. Sometimes today’s pet owners are tempted to resolve pet food allergies on their own, especially since manufacturers are now offering grain-free or hypoallergenic food. The better approach is to work with a trained veterinarian. Food allergies are best resolved with the advice of a veterinarian, who is qualified to prescribe a veterinary diet containing an appropriate novel protein or hydrolyzed diet.

See what hot spots and other skin problems in dogs look like and learn how to identify skin disorder in cats.

Allergies in dogs is sometimes easier to spot, but is also not uncommon in cats. At Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center we take a special interest in our feline patients, offering many features that address the special needs and proclivities of cats.