While veterinarians are essential for diagnosing your pet’s condition and prescribing treatment, they couldn’t accomplish everything they do without a talented, compassionate support team. From kennel attendants and veterinary assistants, to client care specialists and veterinary technicians, our entire team works together to ensure your beloved companion receives gold-standard care. We strive to meet your needs before you step foot in our hospital—when you call us from home, we do our best to answer all your questions, and support you in caring for your pet. 

Our client care specialists are a critical component of our smooth-running team. They help calm your worries, triage your pet’s condition, and answer questions about appointments, scheduling, payment options, and the ins and outs of our protocols. They’re the first person you see when you enter our hospital, and we rely on them greatly to provide quality care for our clients and patients, every step of the way.

To highlight the important role client care specialists play at our hospital, we are spotlighting one of our incredible team members. We invite you to learn more about Maggie Harvey, one of our kind, experienced client care specialists. 

Maggie’s path to Stone Ridge

Maggie Harvey began working at a veterinary clinic when she was young—only 15 years old. With a boundless love for animals, she knew she wanted to find a lifelong career path that catered to caring for pets. Since that first veterinary job, Maggie has never looked back, and has continued to grow in her skills and expertise, which we are fortunate to have at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center

A woman of many talents, Maggie fills the roles of veterinary technician, and client care specialist. A veterinary technician for 15 years, she occasionally covers for our hospital’s other technicians when extra help is needed, but her veterinary technician knowledge and experience serve her well in her main position as our talented client care specialist. With her unique medical background, she is well-versed in fielding all sorts of pet care questions, and triaging your furry pal’s illness. 

After having a daughter and staying home for two years, Maggie wanted to return to the profession she loved. In the past, she had worked with Dr. Pettyjohn, and she was welcomed back into veterinary medicine with open arms at Stone Ridge. We have been fortunate to have Maggie as part of our team for the past five years, as she delights in forming tight-knit bonds with clients and patients, and being a voice for your beloved companion. 

Maggie’s home life

At home, Maggie considers herself lucky to run a veritable petting zoo. She shares her home with six dogs—a yellow Lab, three blue pit bulls, a French bulldog, and an English bulldog. Despite their senior status, her Lab and two of her pit bulls are bouncy balls of energy, and still ready to tag along with the younger pups. Maggie also has four cats who keep the dogs on their toes, and love to taunt them whenever they can. 

In addition to the standard pet cats and dogs, Maggie and her family enjoy the company of two pot-bellied pigs, a bearded dragon, and a sulcata tortoise. The cold-blooded pets enjoy catching the sun’s rays outdoors, while the pigs roam the property, rooting for snacks. 

While Maggie’s human family has substantially fewer members than her animal pack, she has loved being a wife since 2011 and a mother since 2012. Maggie’s daughter, who will enter third grade, is an animal lover like her mom, and claims sole ownership of their English bulldog. 

The hidden side of Maggie Harvey

Having learned how Maggie ended up in veterinary medicine, and about her herd of pets at home, we delved deeper into her personality, likes, and dreams. 

Question: What’s something about you that might surprise others?

Answer: I am a texture weirdo when it comes to food, and cannot stand yogurt, jello, or whipped cream.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: I love cereal, and Panda Express.

Q: What’s your biggest fear?
A: My biggest fear is driving over a tall overpass or bridge that breaks underneath me, and I fall into the water, and drown in my truck. My loving husband enjoys teasing me as we drive, and will yell while we are on top of a bridge, “Maggie! I feel the bridge cracking! Look how high we are!”

Q: What is your favorite hobby?
A: I love to decorate!

Q: Tell us a few things that are on your bucket list.

A: I want to reach an “expert” level in my field, make someone laugh or smile each day, travel to Switzerland, and journey to see the Northern Lights.

The next time you call to schedule your furry pal’s appointment at Stone Ridge, you’ll likely talk to Maggie. And, as soon as you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by her smiling face, and welcomed into our family—especially if you bring her an egg roll from Panda Express.