Without each dedicated member of our team, we wouldn’t be able to help as many pets as we do. Each team member brings something special to the table, whether it’s their ability to safely handle a scared cat and bring them comfort, or the skills to place an intravenous catheter in a dehydrated, pediatric patient. Our technician assistants play a truly critical role as they assist our veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Take a look at what a Stone Ridge technician assistant might do throughout the day. 

A day in the life of a technician assistant

Follow along as we shadow Leslie Turner, one of our technician assistants. He fulfills a critical role in helping our techs and veterinarians, and an even more important one in taking care of the community’s pets. Here are a few examples of what you might see Leslie doing during a typical workday:

  • Assisting a veterinary technician — As a technician assistant, Leslie spends the majority of his time aiding our vets and vet techs. This can include everything from restraining pets for blood draws, helping them position for X-rays, performing nail trims, entering charges, getting updates on a patient’s vital signs, and acting as a liaison between the veterinarian and technician. 
  • Helping in the treatment area — During a pet’s physical exam, Leslie will help get all the information the veterinarian needs. He does this by offering treats, comfort, and praise to the pet for cooperating with potentially unsettling procedures, such as taking a temperature, looking into their ears, and examining their mouth. Leslie can also be found monitoring patients during dental cleanings and surgical procedures. 
  • Providing nursing care — While veterinary technicians are typically the ones who administer intravenous medications and provide the more complex nursing care to hospitalized patients, technician assistants also have many important duties they handle for the patients under our care. Leslie routinely administers oral medications to hospitalized pets, ensures the pets are walked and their kennels remain clean and comfortable, and monitors their progress during their stay. He also coaxes reluctant pets into eating to ensure they remain adequately nourished and hydrated, and may be found hand- or syringe-feeding our sick patients. 

Without our valuable assistants, we would not be able to provide as much dedicated, one-on-one care as we do for our patients. 

Getting to know Leslie Turner

Leslie was born in Conroe, Texas, and raised in Willis. During his childhood, he spent his time assisting his grandfather, who was a veterinarian. While helping his grandfather treat patients, he discovered his love for animals and how much he enjoyed watching pets under his care improve. 

Remembering that love as an adult, he sought a position in veterinary medicine and landed the role of technician assistant here at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis. Leslie said one of the best parts of working in veterinary medicine is meeting different types of cats. An excellent cat whisperer, Leslie takes on all the nervous, scared cats who are uneasy about leaving the comfort of home, and makes it his mission to soothe and calm them. 

At home, Leslie dotes on his 4-year-old Siamese cat named Baloo. His mom and stepfather live nearby in Willis, and they share their home with two cats. 

Aside from being a cat dad, Leslie enjoys watching dinosaur documentaries, cooking and testing new recipes, and discovering new music. While one of his favorite cuisines is Vietnamese food, he also loves to barbecue. During one of his cookouts, you may catch him performing impressions. When asked which he’d rather choose, Leslie responded that the ocean is better than the mountains, Coke beats out Pepsi, and a camping weekend is a much better getaway than a spa weekend.

Technician assistants are a vital part of our team, and they perform many essential tasks. The next time we see your furry pal for an appointment, you may meet Leslie as he holds a paw in comfort, offers a treat as a distraction, or assists our team in helping your pet feel relaxed, safe, and happy in our care. Give our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis team a call to schedule an appointment.