It takes a village—or in this case, a team—to provide dedicated, skilled nursing care to cats and dogs. With our well-rounded team of veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and receptionists, your furry pal receives nothing but the best here at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis. While you likely know a veterinarian’s main duties, you may be unfamiliar with a veterinary assistant’s daily responsibilities, and how essential they are to a smooth-running team. Before introducing Paige Thornton, our valuable veterinary assistant, let’s first learn what tasks she performs.

Veterinary assistants are devoted animal nurses

A veterinary assistant spends a good portion of their day providing tender loving care to each and every hospital patient. Whether the pet is recovering from surgery, hospitalized with an intravenous catheter, or due for their annual wellness exam, you can count on a veterinary assistant holding your pet’s paw. 

Under the supervision of a veterinary technician or veterinarian, a veterinary assistant can administer medications to pets. They also closely monitor hospitalized patients, ensuring they are eating, drinking, and eliminating appropriately. They may walk pets, change bedding, give sanitary baths, and perform any other number of nursing care tasks. If your pet is hospitalized, a veterinary assistant will be their best friend.

Veterinary assistants are essential aides for the entire team

Veterinary assistants always jump in and help wherever and whenever needed. If a veterinarian needs help to hold a pet still for an eye exam, an assistant will distract the pet to allow a good look at their eyes. If a technician needs someone to help take X-rays, an assistant will hold the pet in the correct position. If a receptionist is swamped with ringing phones or a crowded lobby, an assistant can skillfully field calls and satisfy clients. A veterinary assistant has the skills and flexibility to help any team member.

Veterinary assistants are careful cleaners

There’s no doubt about it—animals are messy creatures, particularly when they’re nervous. From leaving behind fur piles to pee puddles, anxious pets can create quite the mess in a veterinary hospital. Fortunately, veterinary assistants come armed with brooms, mops, and bottles of disinfectant. They meticulously clean each kennel, table, and room, and ensure your pet always has a clean area to recover from surgery or undergo their physical exam. Paying such close attention to detail while cleaning also protects you and your pet from transmissible diseases.

Meet veterinary assistant, Paige Thornton

Born in The Woodlands, Texas, but raised in Willis, Paige Thornton grew up close to Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis. She has had a special place in her heart for animals since she was a toddler, and has pursued that passion to this day. In high school, she completed the certified veterinary assistant program, and shadowed the Stone Ridge team to learn more about the profession. When a position opened up, fortunately for us, she took the job. Currently, she is attending school at Lone Star Community College. 

Paige’s family is spread out between Round Rock and Huntsville, covering a wide swath in Texas. Her furry family consists of one dog named Ace and two horses. In her free time, you can find Paige in the arena with her horses, going to the gym, or enjoying the sun and water at Lake Conroe. 

When asked about her likes and dislikes, Paige said:

  • She hates cinnamon, and won’t touch the spice in anything, including desserts or applesauce.
  • As a true Texan, her favorite food is steak, which pairs well with a Coke—no Pepsi for this girl.
  • If she had to choose between the ocean and the mountains, the ocean would win, hands down.
  • She’d pass up a weekend at the spa to go camping outdoors.
  • Her goal is to own her own house in the next five years. 

The next time you call to schedule your pet’s appointment at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Willis, you may speak to our veterinary assistant extraordinaire, Paige. This talented individual also doubles as a client care specialist, and is devoted to her career, whether she’s manning the front desk or caring for your pet.