The holidays are here, and it’s time to choose that perfect gift for your pet. But, rather than heading to the toy aisle and picking out another stuffed hot dog or squeaky taco that won’t keep her interest longer than a week, why not choose something practical and useful? Stoneridge Veterinary Medical Center at Willis has compiled a list of 10 items we think you and your pet will find enjoyable and useful.

#1: Whistle health and location tracker

This fun tool not only tracks your pet’s activity throughout the day, but also features Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, all connected through your phone app. The fun, green square attaches easily to your pet’s collar and comes with a USB charger and guide. 

#2: Travel water bottle for dogs

Never worry about wasting water when you’re on the run with Fido. Water often ends up wasted when your pup doesn’t want to drink all the water in her portable bowl, but this travel system features a lightweight bottle and a bowl that fills with a gentle squeeze. Any unused water drains back into the bottle—intuitive and eco-friendly.

#3: Laptop cat scratching pad

If you have a cat who absolutely loves climbing onto your laptop the second you sit down to work, get her this fun spin on a traditional, drab cat-scratching device and keep her entertained and busy. You can change out the “screens” to keep her interest. 

#4: Slow treat dispenser

This 100% FDA-grade silicone device can work wonders distracting your pet, and providing a long-lasting treat. The tool can be suctioned onto surfaces such as the bathtub wall while you bathe, or the side of the refrigerator while you cook. Slather on a little peanut butter or other pet-approved spreadable food for your furry friend to enjoy. You can freeze the treats for a refreshing goody. 

#5: Pet bathing tool

Eliminate messy bath-time routines by installing this handy device that easily attaches to your bathtub or outdoor hose. No clunky showerheads or runaway hoses—this tool slips over the palm of your hand and turns on and off with a quick squeeze. The textured surface simultaneously massages and rinses your pet for an optimal bathing experience. 

#6: Hidden cat litter box

Litter boxes aren’t typically the most stylish pieces in the home, but they can be. You can set up these functional furniture items, which include end tables, nightstands, and planters, as your cat’s relief area anywhere in the home, and no longer put up with an unsightly traditional litter pan. 

#7: Memory-foam pet bed

Give your pet the gift of comfort this holiday season with a supportive memory-foam bed, available in several sizes. The material is an excellent choice for pets with painful joint problems, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, or back injuries. Your pet will appreciate the therapeutic support, and you will love the machine-washable cover. 

#8: Bow-tie collar

Fashion meets functionality in this adorable bow-tie collar, complete with a metal clasp and oodles of adorable pattern choices. Available in sizes XXS to XL, this fashionable collar has a detachable bow tie and plenty of five-star reviews. 

#9: Electric-heated pet bed

Is your pet constantly seeking to lie in the sun or near the heater? Does she suffer from a painful joint disease? She needs a heated pet bed that thermoregulates to her internal temperature. This unique device can be used all day, and successfully meets U.S. and Canadian electrical safety standards. 

#10: Paw balm

’Tis the season for icy paws and chapped pads. Harsh winter conditions can harm your pet’s feet, so help soothe her with this alleviating balm made from natural ingredients. The non-toxic formula makes it safe to lick, although we recommend distracting your pet for 10 minutes or so after application.