Cat Looking Through a Hole in Cardboard BoxIf you want to have a little fun, get a box and put it somewhere in your house. It can be any shape or size, it really doesn’t matter. Within a few hours (or even minutes), if you own a cat, it is likely he or she will be in the box. So what is it about boxes that make them so irresistible to members of the feline family? Keep reading to find out why cats and boxes are a logical match and how to use that to your advantage.

The Draw of the Box

While it may seem like just another quirky cat behavior, there are actually several reasons that would make the feline infatuation with the common cardboard box a logical phenomenon. When you take a step back and look at cat behavior in general, it isn’t hard to see that the cat’s solitary predatory nature lends itself to box-loving.

A box in your cat’s world means:

  • A secure place to get those 18 plus hours of cat napping in
  • A warm, dry hangout
  • A secluded area to stalk prey from
  • A safe haven from surrounding danger and stress

Any cat lover can see what the draw is for their pet. Cats and boxes are simply a natural match.

Cats and Boxes in Your Home

So now that you understand why boxes are your cat’s best friend, we at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center encourage you to take it one step further. Did you know that regularly including boxes and other cat-friendly hangouts in your home can actually make your cat happier?

Providing your cat a box to sleep and play in provides a safe retreat that can help him or her cope with stress. This type of environmental enrichment can actually lead to a happier, healthier pet by combating boredom and stress in general. Several health and behavioral problems, including urinary tract issues, aggression, over-grooming, and other obsessive behaviors can be prevented or improved through environmental enrichment.

Get creative. Change up box types and locations often. You might create cutouts in the box to serve as peep holes and attack points. Think about putting together a t-shirt box for a fun, stylish abode for your furry friend. You can also check out the Ohio State University’s Indoor Pet Initiative for more ideas on how to make your cat’s environment optimal.

Your cat’s happiness and health is important to everyone in your household. Providing environmental enrichment can be as simple as not throwing away a box. Who knew something so simple could make your cat’s day?